What is #PSBlogWeek

#PSBlogWeek is a week-long blogging event we here in the PowerShell community occasionally do to train others about PowerShell but also get exposure to various blog and bloggers around the world. PSBlogWeek is an effort on various bloggers’ behalf to come together to promote each others’ work. A common theme is chosen, each blogger decides what to write about from that theme, and each day of the week we published the blog posts. It’s that simple! 

As each post is ran, yourself, your fellow bloggers and undoubtedly others in the community will then promote your post as being part of #PSBlogWeek. Your blog post not only helps learners learn, but bloggers get more exposure.This event has a hashtag up front because the marketing is primarily done via Twitter with the #PSBlogWeek hashtag. The #PSBlogWeek hashtag is what all participants and anyone promoting this event should be using.

Before posts are published, they will be submitted to the #PSBlogWeek leader for review. He/she will look over the post to ensure it’s a quality post although we’re not looking for perfection and may either propose or perform edits on your behalf for your review.

After #PSBlogWeek ends, all bloggers then post a link to the compilation eBook created from all of the posts published.

Requirements to participate

You must:

*   Have a reliable blog that will be available for the foreseeable future
*   Be able to write coherently, so people understand what you’re talking about
*   Write your post in English
*   Be able to schedule a post or publish it manually at a particular time
*   Have a Twitter account
*   Write on your assigned topic for at least 700 words (in depth articles are appreciated)
*   NOT be a Microsoft MVP (we’re trying to get exposure to lesser known bloggers)
*   Enjoy the extra exposure your blog gets propelling you into PowerShell rockstardom!

Sign Up!

If interested in joining, please propose a blog article. If a #PSBlogWeek is currently running and we haven’t filled all available spots yet you’ve got a grant chance of participating!

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